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Welcome to Jenvy Accessories!

In short Jenvy Accessories is a line created by a mother that wants the best for her child and will stop at nothing to be able to achieve it. All my items are handmade. All the pieces are made with the customers in mind. We not only offer the pieces you see in our inventory, we also offer custom made items.

Jenvy Accessories started as just an idea. I loved making accessories for my sister, friends and myself, but I also wanted to generate income and be able to take care of my son that is now 3 years old. At first I was a little unsure of how to execute my idea and then I was having a conversation with my sister and soon my family became involved and from my kitchen table emerged Jenvy Accessories. I figured getting exposure on the internet would be the easiest place, in this era where technology is so big, it became a blessing you might say, people are always on their computer or their cellphones. And so I launched my Instagram page, began posting pictures of my items, then it was like dominos falling, I opened my Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest, Tumblr. Soon I began collaborating with bloggers and having giveaways.

Jenvy sounds like a made up word right? Well it is, at least to my knowledge. Jenvy is a combination of the initials of my closest loved ones, beginning with my son (J), my father (E), my mother (N), myself (V) and my sister (Y). So why did I name it Jenvy? I decided upon the name Jenvy because this whole line started with the help of my family and of course much of the inspiration came from my son. And so, I started Jenvy Accessories with the hopes of being able to generate some income while also being a full time mother.

About This Blog

With this blog you will follow the journey of Jenvy Accessories on occasion you will also see an article about my personal life. Mainly I will have articles about new items, promotions, special coupons exclusively just for my followers, contests. I will also have articles in which I will feature other artists, shop owners and small business owners. From time to time you will also get to see fashion articles (outfit of the day, accessories...) things of the sort.

A Brief Background on Myself

Hello, just call me Vivi, believe me I am making your life easier (: . I am the owner and creator of Jenvy Accessories. I currently reside in Mahwah, NJ with my 3 year old son and my father.

I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. Crafting has always been a passion of mine; you name it and I can probably do it. I attended The High School of Fashion Industries located in the borough of Manhattan in New York. I majored in Fashion Design. I took upon a normal high school curriculum just like any other high school student, but also had to take fashion designing classes. Throughout my high school career I learned how to sew, make designs, create paper patterns, drape and create clothing from scratch (basically what was needed in order to excel in the fashion designing business). After high school I went on to obtain an Associates in Liberal Arts and then began to pursue my Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Education at which time I found out I was expecting my son and decided on taking a break to make sure my son was well taken care of. Although I did not continue my Bachelors, I never stopped my studies completely. During the break from college I took it upon myself to take courses at home. I currently hold a Diploma in Bookkeeping, I will soon have a Certificate in Paralegal Training and soon after will hold a Certificate for Interior Decorating for which I will pursue to become a certified Interior Decorator. So I guess you can call me "well-rounded" as I like to call it :)

So why tell you all this mumbo jumbo? Well, I have always wanted to start a business, I always said growing up I wanted to have my own business, but I wanted to be able to do something I love. I did bookkeeping because numbers have always come easy to me. I am able to track and keep up with my own accounting. Paralegal because I wanted to be familiar with at least the basics of law. And finally interior decorating because designing is just me, it's what defines me; who I am as a person. And of course, why not use your brain to its full potential while you can, right?

Most people would probably describe me as very laid back and easy going. I am extremely shy, so it comes to a surprise that I would pick to do so many things that require everything, except to be shy. I love to learn new things and most of the crafting I have done has been self taught and yes including the jewelry making along with the previously mentioned courses. My BIGGEST motivator has been my son. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING I do is done for him. I want him to grow up and see me as an example of hard-work, perseverance, determination and success.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy the new makeover and the upcoming articles!

Thank you Laurie for making this blog look so amazing!

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