Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Little Monster by C3N2KIDS

As a mother of a soon to be four year old, I have noticed that children:

1. Love stuffed toys
2. Love the most colorful toys
3. The more unique the toy the better

Usually, I go purchase my little one educational toys or toys that inspire imagination. On the occasion, I will purchase whatever toy he has asked for (ex: for his birthday we all chipped in and bought him the Toy Story collection, and I mean the big talking ones lol), as long as it is not violent. I refuse to let my son play with toy guns, knives, etc, why should I endorse or promote violence in a child? (But that is just my opinion)

I am sure mothers will agree that children usually play with their toys for a few days before dropping them and moving onto something else. It is hard to find a toy that a child will truly become attached to (or it might be the age).

As you all know, Ofunneka, owner of C3N2KIDS and I have been working together. She was kind enough to offer a "Mini Felt Animal Book" as a prize in the giveaway we were able to offer our readers, which ended on July 19th.

Just as one of our lucky winners, I also had the chance to receive on of her wonderful creations. I received a "Little Monster"

Meet "Greeny," a funloving little monster with wonderful colors.
Look at the smile Greeny brought to his face!
My review:

From the moment you greet him, Greeny is full of personality! He is very cuddly and immediately you fall in love with the new addition to the family. He's very cheery, with a cute face! The fabric is very soft, the colors are elegant, his face is made of felt and his features are wonderfully hand-sewn. Little Greeny has just enough stuffing to make him sturdy, but not so much so that he is too hard. He is absolutely PERFECTION!

"Review from my 3 year old" (mostly in pictures):

Once Jhaphetth (pronounced Ja-feth, I know it looks far more complicated), was aware that he would be getting a package from a nice lady, with something VERY SPECIAL inside, he would proceed to ask me every single day if he got any mail; everyday I said "Not yet, honey, be patient, your package is coming from very far away." His face would be filled with sadness. Finally, on the day the package arrived, he saw it on our front porch before I did, his eye lit up, they were so big and bright! Immediately he says, "That's for me! That's for me, right Mommy?" When I said yes, he just couldn't contain his excitement and I let him go at it for a while with the package before I helped him open it just enough so he would be able to tear open the packaging.

He pulled out a big green box (which is now Greeny's Home according to him). Finally when he opened the package and saw Greeny it was love at first sight! It was a hit and has been since then! Greeny and his home are now a part of our regular trips. Everywhere he goes, Greeny goes. When it's bedtime Greeny goes to sleep in his home until the next day, sometimes he lets Greeny sleep in bed with him.

What I love most about Greeny our little monster is that he brings so much joy to my son and inspires so much imaginative play, something Jhaphetth was barely doing. Since Greeny came along my son is always playing and pretending and bringing Greeny along for his "adventures."

I'm sure we all know at least one child that is very dear to our heart. Whether you are a mom, dad, uncle, aunt, grandma, grandpa or just happen to know a child you absolutely adore and want to give them a special, unique gift that he/she will cherish then you NEED to go to C3N2KIDS on Etsy and purchase one of the many wonderful creations offered in Ofunneka's shop! With all the vibrant, fun colors and so many options to choose from you will find the perfect toy for that precious child; the best part is you will also find many many wonderful handmade greeting cards to include with your gift or just to stock up on some wonderful unique greeting cards for holidays and/or special occasions.

Here are a few more pictures for you to enjoy of Jhaphetth and Greeny sleeping lol


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